Sunday, July 27, 2008

Karimabad, Pakistan 27/07/08 Day 10

Day 10 (Slide show)
We started at about 9am back up to the Hunza Valley. This was to be the farthest south we were to go. I secured the shotgun seat which is the best seat to have. The problem was that several of the other folks were having a tough time and so I offered it to several others. This was misunderstood by some but it worked out and I went back to my spot at the back of the bus. The shocks on it were shot and the thing bounced all over. We stopped for Tea at a beautiful spot to view Mt. Rocoposhi. (7785m) No attempts have been made since 1985 when a group from Japan and Pakistan failed. I didn't hear the details but I guess it's one to climb if you want your name on it. Drove for several more hours on the treacherous road with a few photo stops. One of the stops I happened to notice that the van I had got out of had bald tires in the front. I mean bald. Ended up in Gulmit where there was an cybercafe at the end of the gate so I stopped in to try to download my pic's. Very nice guy there named Abbas. He runs the place as a social worker because the cafe is a charity donation given by the Canadians. They use the profits to help handicapped children and women. The day was slower which was good, I need the rest. I'm catching a cold. Still not having much luck with the pic's. Anyone watching please be patent.