Monday, August 4, 2008

Kathmandu 4/08/08 Day 18

Day 18 (slide show)
Arrived late last night after a long day. Nepal was great at the custom's counter. Little problem except they wanted to know "Why George Bush." I just shrugged my shoulders and apologized. Almost lost the passport while getting my luggage, it slipped out of my pocket but a nice Nepalese luggage guy found me and returned it. Arjun was waiting for me with another CS'er named Leo from China. Great guy trying to make it to India. We both stayed at Arjun's house. Today I'm off to find supplies and work on the computer. Little did I know that the speed was going to be so slow. I had a week to wait for the rest of the group so I scouted out the area with Arjun and Leo. Kathmandu is a very busy place. Many motorcycles and cars. Everybody honks their horn all the time. A lot of begging too.You have rickshaws, buses, pedestrians, and cars all fighting for position. WOW.
Here are some photo's from my friend Paul Syer who was with me on the Base Camp of Everest trek.