Wednesday, August 27, 2008

19 hours in the Bahrain Airport Day 41 27/08/08

Day 41 (slide show)
Arrived in Bahrain at 7pm last night. Now its 1am in the morning and I have a lot of waiting to do. I don't leave until 2pm today. I searched around and there aren't many places to hang out. Many people from all over trying to find a place to sleep. I found a Cathy Pacific VIP Club and convinced them to sell me a membership. Only 4hr though so I'm going to wait until about 4am then go in and wait till they kick me out. Its 21euros and worth it. Free food, nice lounge area with big screen and showers. I stayed until 10am. the best thing was a free computer. I didn't get an upgrade on the next leg but It wasn't so bad. Gulf Air. Next time your on a plane and have to hear the safety message think about this. The message given in five different languages I think it took 45min. On a short flight you could land before the finished. I'm in Athens now sitting in my new room or should I say closet. Its a hostel at hotel prices, that's fine though because I didn't even know if I would have a place or not until I was in Bahrain. Thanks to my friend from Couch surfing. Her name is Maha and she was very kind to help me out. She has a CS'ers at her house right now, he is from Argentina. They will be coming to get me to go to dinner in a few hours. I'm quite tired and need to find a second wind.