Friday, July 25, 2008

Hard Trail to the Hunza Valley, Pakistan 25/07/08 Day 8

Day 8 (slide show)
''UPDATE 16/03/10"
Giant Mudslide in the Hunza Valley
I hope my friends are safe.

Another boarder check before leaving the city of Tashkurgano. This one was bad. The full rectal. Bags and passports checked twice while pictures were taken of us waiting. Then again on the bus we were asked for our passports and a guard rode in the bus with us to the boarder. They kept all the tourist buses together and we were with a group from Switzerland who were mountain biking down on the Karakorum Highway. I thought it was a cop out because it was only down hill and while we were going through all the customs stops they were pretty cocky. Then I saw all they did was put their bikes back together and go down the trail. Weak. The summit was quite spectacular. 15,800 at the top with a little snow falling. I'm trying to get the damn pic's downloaded but so far it seems to hard until I get to a high speed IT cafe. Down the very steep valley trail we came to the Pakistan boarder crossing. We had been in Pakistan for some time but Sost is the boarder crossing. Small village with lots of commandos and guards. It took 2.5 hr. to get through this customs stop but the were nice about it. The Pakistan people are pretty nice for the most part. The Chinese are a pain in the ass. Finally I got to my hotel, a little primitive but OK. The water in the room has to sit in a bucket so the dirt will settle to the bottom. Good thing I have my Steripen. I haven't gotten the Pakistan waltz yet but I have a cold. Trying to lay low and get better.


Levi said...

Remember on your camera that you can decrease the size of the images you are taking to make them smaller and therefore upload faster to the photobucket.

Sounds like you are having a great time. Keep the info coming, I'm anxious to hear what you are doing.


Susan said...

Hey Bro, I love reading about your adventure, be safe and stay positive