Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I’ve got those “Bohemian Blues” 06/01/09 Day 173

Day 173 (Slide show)

For the past 10 days I have been in and out of Hell. I’m now just starting to kick this terrible cold/flu. The temperature has been running about -12C as a high. It’s been pretty bad. The hardest thing has been getting to the store for supplies and the pharmacy for cold medicine. It’s the usual crap I get every winter. This season is a bit worse though because I couldn’t find a place to get a flu shot. I saw this coming back in November when I got here.

I missed out on having any New Year Celebration though. I just find the energy.

I did a little work on my friend Daniel’s bike. I’m repairing it for him. It’s in bad shape and needs a lot of work.

I have heard and read about this city and the winter depression that people have had throughout the centuries. Prague has a lot of old stories about famous authors that wrote morbid and gloomy stories after spending just one winter here. I can see why now.

Today is a better day and I think I’ve kicked it now. I getting out today and I don’t care how cold or crappie the weather is. I’ve got to go somewhere for a few days. I’m going to start planning.

I’m just going to forget this period and move on.