Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heavy Powder, Mashed Potatoes. 11/12/08 Day 147

Day 147 (Slide show) (Video)

It’s still snowing and now there is over a meter of new stuff. On top there could be 4 feet and on the bottom about 3 feet. I got on the mountain at 9AM and was in the 3rd or 4th gondola car. Before anyone arrived I had 4 runs behind me. I skied on the Mottolino side today while Andrew took the Carosella side. The new snow is a little heavy and this resort only has a few runs that are steep enough to keep you on top of it. Of course those are closed due to avalanche danger. The best skiing has been the groomed slopes from the day before because now there is about 15 to 20 inches on them and you don’t sink so deep. Over here the runs are called “Piste” not runs. I am corrected all the time on this. I’m pretty tired so I only stayed out until 3PM today and made my way back to the condo. I might be able to do some computer work if I’m up to it.

As I’m righting this Andrew is walking in so there goes the computer work. It looks like we might go into the village and check out a few things. Maybe have a dinner out tonight.

Fun day but I’m getting very tired. It was a workout today. I’ve got one more day of skiing left. Better make the most of it; I might not get another chance.