Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Livigno, Italy “Powder Day” 10/12/08 Day 146

Day 146 (Slide show)

Sometime during the night the storm that everyone new would come showed up and started dumping. This wasn’t a small one either. It was very beautiful to get out into the village early. Everyday I would walk to this market up the street and be ready when they opened at 8am. It was the best time to see the mountains and the village. I think most people party too late so even at 8am no one is up yet. Anyway at this market they have some great bread that’s fresh. This is a great snack on the mountain and it goes well with my Irish coffee.

I skied on the Carosello side (right side of map) on the resort today. I think I like it a bit better. When I got to the top of the mountain there was about a foot and it was still snowing hard. Of course in these conditions you can’t see a thing. It was a pretty good white out. I like skiing in this weather. After about 8 or 9 runs I stopped into my favorite Refuge/restaurant. It’s a nice place to hang and get warm.

My ski equipment is so much nicer. It’s a lot easier to get my form and balance back. I still need a bit more time but I can fell it all coming back to me. I was pretty tired and sore so I called it quits at about 2:30. As I was heading back to the condo I got on the wrong bus. It was nice because I saw a different part of the valley and some of the lodges on the hillsides. I like this place, its set up pretty good. The transportation is a bit week but I’ve seen worse.

Andrew cooked up a nice dinner for us tonight. It went well with the good wine I found at the market.

A great powder day but my old body is very sore.