Saturday, October 25, 2008

100 Days Out, WOW 25/10/08 Day 100

Day 100 (slide show) (video)

Well I hit a milestone today. As you can see I am at 100 days out. It doesn’t sound like much but it feels like an eternity. If you remember when I arrived here Miro sketched me and I was so thin well I just got a chance to weigh myself this morning and I’m a thin 163 lbs. So I figured that I might have gained about 8 lbs. since then. I haven’t weighed 155 for a long time. I mean were talking way back. I’m feeling a little stronger now, doing a workout routine everyday and if I could get my bikes before the snow flies I will be able to get a lot stronger. Next week I hope.

I’m getting very bored now and I have to keep myself occupied. I’m participating in more of the couchsurfing events and there is an interesting one tonight. One of the CS’ers Cameron has organized a gathering to see the old sewers of Prague. These are the sewers from the early 1900’s and are not used anymore. The city puts on an annual event for one night a week for a month to raise a little money for the employee’s. They give you a tour through the old tunnels and pump rooms. There were two very good musicians playing the violin and cello in one of the larger chamber areas and the sound was great. I would love to have brought my harp and found a small corner somewhere to play. After the local fireman started up some old steam engines and were spraying water into a field out in the back. The old engines were if great shape and one had a date of 1903 on it. The horses to pull them weren’t there though which was too bad. It was cold so I understand. I had lots of fun and meet some fine folks and made some new friends. Great time.