Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My bikes are close 29/10/08 Day 104-106

Day 104-106 (slide show)

Well after the cold and wet day yesterday I think I caught a cold. Not feeling like doing much and the weather is terrible. I found out last night that the warehouse in Hamburg will ship the crate on Friday. This is good news, and I need it. Not much to tell today except I had to change the disk in my camera after yesterday’s photos. I have put 2080 pictures on it since I left. I didn’t realize I had so many.

On Day 105 I did get out even though the weather stunk. I’ve decided to go to my favorite bagel shop as often as I can. It gets me out and I like the place even for a cup of coffee. There isn’t really anything happening today though because I am waiting for some word from the warehouse. Today at the bagel shop I plotted a course to try to get to this warehouse and on the map it looks tough to walk there. When I was looking for a place to live I looked at the same maps and not knowing which area the warehouse would be in I figured I had a 25% chance of getting close. I was not to be I’m on the other side of the city, I couldn’t be further away. I’ve decided to go on a scouting mission to find the place even though my friend Moses in LA told me to be patient. I have to do something.

On another note I did make it to the transit pass office and after two hours of torture I got my pass. At least now I don’t have to worry about that.

On Day 106 it was time to see if I could find out what’s up with my bikes. I stopped at the bagel shop for a cup and bagel then I headed off. I was on the metro at 10:00. I had everything all planned out. This was a serious mission. The name of the place is CS Cargo and their location is in Zilčín. I live in the NE quad of the city and this place is as far as you can get in the SW quad without being out of the city. I really missed it on this guess. As I came out of the metro station it was very confusing and after walking around for about an hour I was ready to head back. I couldn’t find a way to walk in the direction where I knew it was at. It seemed my only option was to walk out in the traffic with the trucks and cars. I didn’t really want to try this because I knew it would most likely be for several kilometers. I stood at the curb of the road for a while watching and noticed this guy who looked drunk walking towards the metro yard area. I followed and sure enough there was a small walkway then I cut through a field and there it was. I almost pissed my pants. Just think my bikes will be in this warehouse on Monday. I can’t believe it.

I walked up to the security gate and convinced them to let me in. I needed to try to find someone that would speak English, if I couldn’t find anyone I would need to bring someone to translate for me. I meet a great guy named Pavel who worked in anther department but spoke very good English and was quite helpful. I’m not sure what he thought of my reason for shipping bike to Prague but he took my information and let me now a few things to expect. He told me that he would contact me when it arrives and to get my paperwork together. I am excited; I just might pull this off.