Friday, September 26, 2008

Sleeping on a cement floor, “Not Me” 26-28/09/08 Days 71-73

Day 71-73 (slide show)

Well as I thought, I’m pressed for time this morning. I do have a plan that I worked out last night. If I call this one hostel at 10AM they might have a bed for me. It’s my last shot because I have checked everywhere for a cheap room. After packing everything and grabbing a quick breakfast here at the pension I was ready to make the call. They do have a few beds left in the dorm area but no single rooms. The dorm beds are not that cheap, I’m a little surprised. I’m sure they are quoting a higher price because I’m not reserving in advance. But I don’t have a choice.

I have plans to leave my large bag here and come back for it after I trek across the city to the hostel. It’s going to be pretty hard to jump in and out of the trams with two packs and the “Wheely Beast.” As I’m checking out I start talking to the nice lady at the desk whom I haven’t seen before and to my surprise she tells me they do have a room and gives me a lower price. What luck this is because last night I asked this jerk who told me “No Rooms.” I quickly booked for 4 nights and hauled my stuff back to my new room. Through this process I find out that this other jerk at the train station ripped me off for about $150.00 because I let him book this pension for me. He was supposed to be a traveler’s assistant and I’m now finding out that they don’t have any rules here like in Austria. Beware of the Travelers Assistants in Prague. I didn’t realize it until this nice gal gave me the new price. That’s why I thought this place was so expensive. I’m not too happy about that but at least I have a good place for a few more days. Anyway the price here isn’t much higher then the dorm and I have my own room.

Now I need to find a better cybercafé, and I hope a little cheaper. It’s better weather today so I’m going to search the city for the afternoon and get some pictures. I think the reason I’m not feeling so hot is because I’m not listening to enough Blues. I’m plugging in the IPod and going to get some Mojo back. Today I’m walking the town with the Blues.

On the 27th this new friend Roman is suppose to call. He has invited me to a festival somewhere north of the city I think. The holiday St. Wenceslas Day (Czech Statehood Day) is today and there are celebrations everywhere but the best one is up north he says. I couldn’t get to many details because of the language difficulties. His English isn’t so bad but he goes on and on saying the same thing several times. I don’t know any Czech so he’s doing a lot better then me. I will just go with it and see what happens. Another adventure, I will dress warm and hope for the best.

I meet Roman at the Russian Tank which seems to be the standard meeting place here then we immediately went to the nearest book store for two copies of Czech to English translation books. I thought his was a great idea. He is specking to me about a place north of the city but I can’t figure out what he is telling me, so I just follow to see what’s up. It turns out to be a Home Improvement Show at these fairgrounds. Very interesting and we got in free which was nice. I’m thinking that this is the plan for the day then I realize this is just a short side trip. He tries to explain about a fair and concert in a small village north of here. I go with it even though I’m not sure what is going on. We work our way to a bus station and then catch a bus for a 45 minute ride to the beautiful village named Brandy’s nad Labem Stara Boleslav. It seems it is two villages next to each other with a small river flowing between them. It's a very pretty place with good feel to it. The river is part of a lake with several fishermen around the banks. I’m thinking I could hang here for the winter. This looks like a good place to lay low for a while.

There were a lot of people and because of the festival so we navigated our way through the area for quite sometime. It was a big festival with two outdoor stages for live music and lots of booths that sold everything you can imagine. There was a Czech guy selling Sioux and Cherokee jewelry. It’s now getting to be 10PM and I’m thinking we should start thinking about heading back. We have seen two great Czech New Age Rock bands and I was getting tired. Roman gets up from the bleachers we were sitting on and motions to go. I had noticed he was falling asleep sitting there so I said “Lets Go.” We were at the stage that was furthest away and I’m thinking we might have a long walk to the bus, so I asked him “What is the time for the last bus?” Much to my surprise he said don’t worry we will catch the bus around 3AM. “Something’s Wrong” (Junior Watson, Bluesman) I don’t like that idea much, it’s cold and I’m tired. What was he think about I’m having trouble figuring this out. He then wants to head back to the concert. Turns out he just wanted to walk a little so he could stay awake. I started evaluating the situation a little more closely. “What time does the last Metro leave” I asked. I knew the answer to that question but I was trying to give him something to think about. “Midnight” he says “Do you want to go back now?” “I don’t want to sleep in the Metro station” I said. I was cold and I don’t want to sleep in a chair or on a bench. He wouldn’t be thinking of the cement floor at the station I hope.

Anyway this is how you can get “Lost in the translation” “I want to make that last Metro” I said as I grabbed his arm. I see now he gets it. To cut this long story off we ran to the bus stop, caught the only one that would work by seconds and then made the Metro station at 12:04 to walk straight on the last Metro for the city. I made it to the Pension at 1:45AM. As we talked on the Metro he tells me it is nothing to sleep at the station or find an all night bar and just drink until morning. “Not me” I told him, I wasn’t going to sleep on a bar stool. I was glad to make it back that night.

On the 28th I did nothing of any importance due to the fact that I didn’t fill so good. Not a hangover but I thought I had recovered from my cold but I could fell it creeping up on me again. I pretty much spent my time on the computer, a boring day. Recovery days are such a waste, tomorrow will be better.