Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sorry to be so boring 23/10/08 Day 98, 99

Day 98, 99 (slide show)

///////////(link to a panoramic view from the tower)/////////

Not much to report today. I’m making progress on this blog but it sure is a lot of work. I think I’ve said that before. I got the word that my transit pass is in and I can go back to the office and pick it up. I will be able to save a lot of money on this. These daily passes are expensive. Sometimes I have had to ride without one and have come close to being caught. If I get in the situation where I can’t buy one at a tobacco shop I just get on anyway. I don’t like to do this and I think my luck is running out. I can feel it.

There is a nice book I found about the history of this area and Prague in general that I’ve been reading. It’s called Prague in Black and Gold: Scenes from the Life of a European City by Peter Demetz. I like it because the author doesn’t pull any punches and tells it the way it came down. If you’re thinking about coming to this area you might take a look at this. The book highlights the history from the 800’s to the 1990’s. As I walk the city I look for the spots where major turning points accrued. These are events that you most likely find on a tour. Today I’m going to read because it is cold and gloomy.

On Day 99 I have a big schedule because I stayed in yesterday. I had to make two stops at different cybercafés and along with picking up my transit pass. It’s a cold day but clear so I tried to take a few pictures. I didn’t have much luck with this though. I got some bad news right at the start when I contacted the shipper in Hamburg. Today is Friday and I was hoping my gear would leave today but my contact tells me that they couldn’t build a full truck so it will be next Friday. Now it will be another week. I sure need the computer.

That was bad enough but when I went for the transit pass I was passed around from window to window like a joint of bad bud nobody wants to smoke. All I can say is it was torture. This took almost all morning. So this was not a very eventful day and I hope to forget about it.