Thursday, November 27, 2008

The “Mammut Climbing Gym," Prague 27/11/08 Day 133

Day 133 (slide show)

There isn’t really much to talk about these past two day’s. I know this blog is getting boring but that’s because I’m bored. I need to find somewhere to go. This weather is a bummer and I don’t like this sitting around.
I think I have the slide shows working better now and that should make a difference while you’re viewing the pictures. I’m going back and repairing all the previous days as fast as I can.

I meet a guy who wants to do some bouldering and he invited me to a “Boulder Bar” which I have heard is a bar with a wall. Seems crazy but I wanted to check it out. The roomer around is that bar’s put a small wall in to give you something to do while drinking. Imagine that in the states. There would be way too much liability for a place to try it.

So I was to meet Gerald at this place in an area that I wasn’t familiar with but I figured I could find it. I was kind of tired because I rode my bike for an hour and stayed up late last night working on the Mount Olympus post. I got to the area just in time and saw a sign that said “Lezecké centrum Mammut.” I was thinking, man this place is sweet. As I was going around back to the door I asked this fellow “Is this the Bolder Bar?” He mumbled and nodded yes as we both walked in. You know I should no better then to trust a guy that mumbles. This is a very nice place and a great lay out. There were several rooms with various routes. There is also a nice work out area and of course a bar. I put my shoes on and hung out for a while. Around 6:30pm I still hadn’t seen him, he’s now an hour late. As I was walking around I started to notice it getting crowded and remember that he told me it wouldn’t be crowded. Something’s Wrong (Junior Watson, Bluesman) I found out the “Boulder Bar” is around the front of the building and the wall there is about the size of a 4x8 sheet of plywood with a piece of carpet as a landing pad. What a bust. Why would there be two places in the same building and why didn’t he tell me that. It turns out that he likes the small bar because sometimes the let him climb for free. I told him they should pay us to climb on it, but what the hell. I made my why home and decided to try another day.