Saturday, February 7, 2009

The First Good Bike Ride in Prague 7/2/09 Day 205

Day 205 (Slide show)

I finally got out for my first good ride in Prague. It wasn’t very long, just a few hours but felt good. I rode down to the river and then headed towards the city. The temperature is only 6C but as long as I keep moving I’m alright. As I rode farther up river it got colder. I was on Betsy and both of us were glad that there was no ice. The river had some ice though which was strange. I’m not in very good shape though and I’ll have to work on this. There is a big hill from the river to my flat. It will make for a good workout. Riding around the area where my flat is will be difficult. The area is called Polmovka and you have to dodge the trams, the dogs and a lot of cobblestones. It’s very bumpy. It's been a good day to get out and ride on old Betsy.