Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The miss-adventure at the Linen store 8/10/08 Day 82-84

Day 82-84 (slide show)

So this morning I woke up in my own place and it felt good. There are a few shots of the place for you here. I don’t have any linen yet but I will start to work on that today. It feels good not to have to worry about where I’m going to move next. I was even able to make my own breakfast. I made what's called a Miner’s Dawn and if you want to know what this is send me a note and I will tell you. It’s a beautiful thing. Today is a day to get organized. I’ve got a few challenges coming my way and I need to get ready for them. I feel old man winter coming around the corner and I must prepare for a long slow period. I think it will be tough. Today turned out to be a cool but nice afternoon for running errands. I have to plot new routes for the trams and bus from my new place. This is a challenge. I went to a mall to see what I could find out on the linen issue. There should be a sign on the door that men should not be allowed into these stores. Try picking out sheets with a Czech to English translation book. The two ladies at the store were patient with me but I should have thought about this a little more. After all the hassle I bought the wrong size. Now I have to go back.

On Day 83, I realized that I have been here in Prague two weeks. That seems like a long time in one place. But according to the early schedule that I made over a year ago I calculated I would need 2 to 3 weeks to get settled so I’m on schedule. Now if my bikes would just get here I can start to ride again. It’s a little cool but there are a few days that would be great to explore the area on a bike. Today I thought I would explore Prague and get some pictures for this blog. I set out to the Linen store first to exchange the sheets and comforter. I was surprised as I walked into the store, I immediately through up a red flag. "Shields up", new clerks. I showed them the pictures of the bed and my new measurements and begged for mercy. The two of them looked at me with evil eyes and said “No exchanges.” The sheets were way too small and the comforter wasn’t big enough either. I had used the measurements that were on the mattress but they didn’t match. IKEA measures differently I guess. I left with my chin down around my ankles and headed back to the flat. Now what to do with this crap that doesn’t work. I didn’t sleep on the stuff either if that’s what you are thinking but I opened the packages carefully to put them on. That’s the only way to see if they fit. Something’s Wrong (Junior Watson, Bluesman)

On Day 84, after getting out of my sleeping bag I figured there has to be a solution to this. I’m going to head to IKEA today which is where I should have gone in the first place. It’s a process to do anything around here. I fill I should pack my pack with 3 days of necessary gear just in case I can’t get back from one of these expeditions. Even the supermarket can be a major challenge. IKEA turned out to be an all day event but with some success. I was able to get a sheet and a few other items for my room. I think this metro can be a mistake though and I’m going to try when possible to stick to the trams. It’s safer and there aren’t as many police around. I have come close to being stopped several times. I have always had a ticket but there have been a few occasions where I couldn’t buy one. It’s not worth the risk.

Now what am I to do with these sheets and the comforter? It turns out that most everything you buy around here as an expat will have a no return policy. They love to stick it to the expat’s. This sucks, I paid a lot of money for them. It seems that errands that should only take a few hours end up taking days. I need to prepare myself for this or it will drive me nuts