Friday, January 9, 2009

I'll get them next time, guaranteed 9/1/09 Day 176

Day 176 (Slide show)

I received a care package from my son yesterday and I thought I would post a small note about the event. I heard some stories about how bad the Czech postal service was and how they steal stuff so I wanted to be cautious. The postage was $50.75 for what I think is a small package but my CC card was charged $79.00. I’m still trying to figure that out. (Somethings Wrong, Junior Watson) You know he’s a Bluesman, right. So this FEDEX small package arrives 23 days later and smashed. It was a good thing there wasn’t anything fragile in it. The package wasn’t opened and the contents were in decent shape which was good. I really only needed a few things that I forgot to ship with my bikes. The rest of the stuff was just stupid stuff. I was very excited to get it but after opening the thing it was anticlimactic. I won’t do that again, it’s too expensive. My son was a little annoyed with me too.

Today though I get to tell you of the epic battle which I survived at the super market. I was out of milk, bread and bananas. The temperature outside is -11C and there is ice and snow on the roads. That means now bike today. I broke out my trusty REI Venturi 40 pack which served me well in China and Pakistan. I figured it would be large enough for the groceries I needed.

With all the cold weather gear I could find and still look local I started walking. It’s very important when going to the market here to get your mind right first. It takes focus and patience with an aggressive edge. Coming home with bruises on your ankles and hips from blocking shopping cart is not uncommon. This is the same market that took my cucumbers away and I won’t forgive them for that. Today I’m tired and I’m not going to take it anymore. “There will be Blood”

It took me about 40 min to get there and as I walked towards the parking lot I told myself,”Shields Up, Let’s Rumble.” The place was packed but I was ready. The first thing is to get a shopping cart. I forgot a coin. What is it with the coin operated shopping carts? I know these carts cost the stores about 2400 ckz maybe more. I know in the states these cheap carts are about $90.00. So if I want to get one off the friggin chain it takes 5 krowns and then I get it back when I finish. I was told this is to keep the carts away from the homeless but that ridicules I’m sure they would give up on 5 krowns for the cart. Because I don’t have a coin I have to go into the store and find a checkout clerk to give me change.

I have to hold my head up and take it. After getting the damn coin I go straight for the produce section. This isn’t like your usual veggies and fruits. Half the shit is rotten. The big deal here is if it is going bad mark the price down but don’t put out any good stuff at the regular price. You can’t sell the shit tomatoes if there are good tomatoes out even at double the price. It’s take it or "get out." Buy the way there are no bananas today. Not even brown bananas, just no bananas. Already I’m depressed.

After fighting my way to the bread area where the real blood is spilled I find out they are out of the bread I like. Come on now.

I worked my way over to the milk where they sell most of the milk warm in cardboard but there are a few bottles in the refrigerated section next to the yogurt. Their out of milk cold today. This is really getting me down, I walked all this way in the cold and the things I needed are out of stock.

Just about this time I was hit in the right heal by a cart. I turned around and the old bag didn’t even look at me. It was a good thing I had my hiking boots on. All the folks wanted the cold milk and behind us was this warm crap in the cardboard. Nobody’s buying that stuff I guess. All bet it is out dated too. That’s another thing you need to watch here. They love to put outdated stuff on sell.

So I’m bummed out and went sniveling to the checkout. My total came to 401.00 czk so I give her a 1000.00 note and I’m reaching for a single krown when she huffs and puffs and threw down the change. I wasn’t quick enough, so now I have 199.00 czk in change because of the cart. At least I’m alive.

I really felt good coming in here today but the experience brought me to my knees.

I have to remember what my friend Tomas Damon told me “Quit you’re whining”

I’ll get them next time, guaranteed.

There is a new plan in the works. I’m going to go to the Czech Mountains next week. Details to follow.