Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Week of Boredom 25/2/09 Day 223

Day 225 (Slide show)

After returning from Austria the weather was cold and miserable. Not much has happened over the past few days. There are a few small highlights I will note.

On 2/17 Tuesday I received an email from friends in Dresden, Germany who are asking me to come and join them for a music festival there. Sounds like fun and I could ride back. It would be a long way but by then I will be in good enough condition I hope.

The past week was a boring time for me. I went to a few small gatherings with some Couchsurfing friends here in Prague but it just isn’t that much fun for me. I seem to always leave early.

Another interesting thing happened though.

Remember my wallet was picked in Kathmandu and all the trouble I had getting a new CC from those bloodsuckers at Citibank? Well I also lost my driver’s license and I decided I would never get that replaced without going to the CA DMV. Well I got lucky again and it turns out that the DMV sent me a renewal notice because my DL was going to expire. What Luck! I’m able to get another one by just paying the renewal fee.

My log book has run out of pages so I had to find another one. I found a store here that sells Moleskine. This is the log book that many authors use. Not that I deserve it but it’s kind of cool. I will miss my old brown log book, it has been everywhere with me.

I had an interesting experience on night when a lady I had meet a week ago sends me an email asking me if I wanted to go with her to a Jan Saudek Gallery and dinner. I said sure of course, she was attractive and Jan Saudek is a provocative artist I would like to see. The whole night she was as cold as a cod what a bust. At dinner I decided to only put out enough money for mine. She paid for hers which I think she wanted to do anyway. We split up early and I still can’t figure out what was going on that night I swear I used my deodorant. Aren’t there any women left out there? All I seem to meet are girls.

Today is a nice day with lots of sun. I’m going riding. I’ve decided to ride north down the river Vltava. Yes this river flows north. I want to see how far I can go on the river path. If I’m going to come back from Dresden on this path I would like to do a scouting mission. It’s a bit cold and I need to fight the old bags at the super market so a good ride for a few hours then the battle royal in the deli isle to finish off a good day.