Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Shipment Has Arrived August 2, 2009

Day 381 (Slideshow) (Video 1) (Video 2)

It took 30 days. I'm going to miss this old crate. It served me very well. I always thought this plan of shipping my gear and bikes would be the hardest thing to pull off but there wasn't a single problem both ways.
I want to thank,
Leah, my friend at REI who helped me with the planning.
Moses, my friend at ETC International Shipping (Long Beach, CA) who built this crate and shipped it to Prague. He also handled the logistics to ship it back to Newark, NJ.
Pavel, from CS Cargo in Prague who helped me receive this crate and stored it for me for 8 months before we shipped it back to Newark, NJ.
Daniel Plavecký, my friend in Prague who pulled off the feat of the century and cleared me through customs in Prague.
Pat, my sister who figured out a way to get this crate to New Haven, Conn from Newark, NJ.