Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Globe Museum, Vienna 20/09/08 Day 65

Day 65 (slide show)
I’m finally staying at a place that has a good breakfast buffet. I got lucky here because I’ve got a cold. I need to take it easy and not push myself to much. I have plans to see just two museums today, there are so many but it is so cold outside that I can’t stay long; My plan is to see the Globe Museum and the Van Gogh exhibit. With any luck I will be back here in the room before 3 pm. I started out I realized how cold it is and had to go back for my leather gloves. It’s also a little windy and with a drizzle. Not good. The Globe Museum was easy to find so I went there first. It’s a very interesting place with quite a collection of old and new globes’ of the Terrestrial and celestial views. There are also globes made of Mars and Venus, and the globes’ of the moon were very impressive. This place claims to have the most and oldest globes in the world. These globes are from the 1600’s to the present. There is one of Venus made by a guy from the 1920’s and depicts what his views were of the planet then. Another one is inflatable and blows to the globe shape using a foot pump; this was designed in the early 1800’s. This is a great place I just wish I felt better. I went over to the Van Gogh exhibit but the line was to long and it was in the cold rain. I headed back to the pension after stopping for some juice and bananas. I will fill better tomorrow.