Monday, August 11, 2008

Namche Bazaar 11/08/08 Day 25

Day 25 (slide show)
The breakfast stunk. I have to stay focused on reaching base camp. It will be easy to succumb to the discomforts. This reminds me of my climb on Rainier. There will always be reasons to quit but it will be very hard to continue. The day was good and I feel strong. The injury from the bike accident is still a little with me but I fell much better. The landscape is beautiful and there are many waterfalls everywhere. We left after breakfast at 7am. The first part of the day was only 200m of vertical but in the afternoon it became a lot steeper. Namche Bazaar is (3440) so we went quite a ways today. The Tea House tonight isn't much better then last night. This one does have a shower for 200 rupees though. Everything cost on this trek. Arjun told me they were ripping me off and now I see why. Breakfast in the only thing included. Its colder here and so it will be easier to sleep. My 0' degree bag has been way to warm but I know I will be glad that I have it later. My right heel got a small blister on it today. Damn. I have to control this. Were told we are going to stay here two nights to acclimate so I can heal up. By the way it started to rain at 2pm.

Just found out that we are going on an acclamation hike tomorrow to the top of a small mountain behind the Tea House. I guess I won't get to heal up after all.