Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toshgorgon to Kashgar, fly to Qrumqi 30/07/08 Day 13

Day 13 (Slide show)
Going to be another hard day. At least the bus will be nicer. Yesterday the exhaust from the bus was leaking into the back even while driving. I'll be glad to get to Nepal. I hope the eclipse is successful. Had to leave at 6am with no coffee. Everyone is irritated and tired. The ride was long. Nicer bus but it was built for midgets. No leg room. Had lunch in Kashgar at the same place we had diner at 4 days ago. Still just as bad. Were off to a Muslim Tomb. I'm at the airport now and I just asked a few folks what the name of it was and nobody could tell me. BFD. Flying for Urumqi now. Should be there by 7pm. Looking forward to seeing my bag of gear again. I had to leave it at the hotel when I was here before we went to Pakistan. Nice place the Hoitak Hotel in Urumqi. No time to stay long. Always a nice hotel for one night but then a dump when we stay for 2 nights. Somethings wrong.

Here is a link to more photo's from my fellow China traveler Nancy Ciotti
Here is a link from fellow China traveler Sigmund Csicsery
and here are some great photo's from Sigmund and Gabeielle, very nice couple and I enjoyed there company.