Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back up the Karakoam Hwy to Sost and Toshgogon 29/07/08 Day 12

Day 12 (slide show)

Back on this rough road again. It's going to be a long ride to China. We left at 7am and the early morning breeze feels good. I plugged in my IPod. I'm a little hung over from the Mulberry wine from last night but not to bad. I still remember everything I did, I think. In Sost the the bus was ready for our transfer but the security checks are rough. At the top of the pass the Chinese had a troop morale day, I guess you might call it a Chinese USO show. They made us wait for the show to finish before letting us though. Very frustrating. More security checks and then when we arrived in Toshgogon where we had stayed before the computer was turned off. Also I just found out that we are leaving at 6am tomorrow. Another full day to Kashgar. My knees are sore from these small seats. Somethings wrong.