Thursday, August 28, 2008

Athens, Greece Day 42 28/08/08

Day 42 (slide show)
I did sleep well last night. I was so tired. Went to a great restaurant and got my first taste of a Greek salad the way they are suppose to be made. Before I see anything and there is a lot to see, I have to find a Citibank Branch office. Remember my card was stolen almost a month ago and these folks can't seem to get me a new card. So, my first full day in Greece and I'm going on an adventure across the city. After figuring out the Metro and making some mistakes I find the branch office. Of course the day is half gone by now, but I walk into the office with a since of accomplishment. I go through three service lady's before I get English. "This is Citibank Greece not Citibank USA" she says. "Can I have a card sent to this office" I asked because I was changing hotels so much. "No we don't work with the Citicards division." I walked out thinking this sucks. Somethings Wrong (Junior Watson-Blues Man) I spent most of the day working on this problem. I made my way back to my hotel area and found a cybercafe. I called Citicards. Of course it is Thursday night and they can't get a card out until Monday then three days for delivery that gives me a card next Wednesday. I don't want to spend a week in this hostel but I need to have an address. I sucked it up and told them to send it. When you make a call from out of the country to Citi the computer voice comes on and says "we accept collect calls." Well that would be great except I can't find an operator to talk to place a collect call. You still have to pay the hotel or the cybercafe. After Nepal I'm already into this problem for almost $65.00. Citibank is a pain in the ass if you loose your card. Tomorrow will be better. I keep saying that.