Monday, August 25, 2008

Kathmandu Day 39 25/08/08

Day 39
Well the rest of the group leaves for home today. Other then Paul they were sure hard to get to know. O' well this part of my adventure could have been better. Paul was a nice guy and I enjoyed his company.I headed back to the phone company's cybercafe for more torture. I tried to work on the pic's today and got lucky. I spent 3hr.. If this keeps up I might need to buy a computer. I was reminded of a conversation with a friend at REI. His name is Bayani Espino. He was showing me his new 9in square mini laptop about a month before I left. It was very nice and he asked "you should get one and take it with you" as I looked at it I thought it was just waiting to be stolen. Bayani I should have listen to you. All the travelers I meet on the road have one. No one I've meet has had them stolen yet. I received some news from Athens today and I might have a place to stay there. I hope so I don't have a clue where to go once I arrive. I'll just see what happens. I don't have a slide show for you today just this one picture. I saw this kid who was laid down here yesterday morning. He looks very sick. I saw him last night and this morning. He is on the sidewalk of a busy street. Today I had to take his picture because I hate to see this. I tried to hide around the corner and check to see if anyone came to get the money I left but saw nothing. Other people take the money because he is to week to hold it himself I'll bet.