Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Powder and High Winds 11/3/09 Day 237

Day 237 (Slide show) (Video 1) (Video 2)

WOW! There’s about 15in/38cm of new snow today. It’s very heavy but still a lot of fun. I caught the second gondola at 8:30. The clouds make it a pretty bad white out, can’t see a thing this morning. I got in 3 to 4 good runs and then went in for an Irish coffee. I was like a snowman. My beard was frozen and melted all over my muffin. The Tram opened at 10:40 and I was on it. There were a lot of areas untouched up on top and I caught them all. My boots are sloppy and I wish I had some good equipment but that is the way of it when you have to rent. After about 1PM the best pistes were skied out. I went in for a beer at the top and the wind was very strong. I don’t think they can keep this open very much longer. I made a short run to a chair and they had closed it. Four people were caught on it and I saw three evacuated off. A girl was still on when I stopped watching because she wouldn’t go down the rope. She wasn’t that high and could have jumped like here friend did. I left though, I wanted to get back to the top and the gondola was the only thing open now. At about 3pm I was in the restaurant at the top and an announcement come over a speaker in German that the place was closing. I talked to some ski patrol and they said I should go down. By this time no one was there except me and the patrol. I started off the summit and once over the ridge it was nice and pretty much out of the wind. I had a great run. There was no one the whole way. It reminded me of my younger days skiing until the last possible moment. It has been a great day and I don’t want to spoil it by skiing on the lower mountain. I’m heading back to Nico’s place a bit early.