Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Visit to a Soviet Nuclear Missile Site 27/1/09 Day 194

Day 194 (Slide show) (Video 1) (Video 2)

I have this friend from Portugal named Ricardo who sent me a note the other day saying that he and another friend named Alexey were going to go to an old Soviet Nuclear Missile Silo today. This sounded fun and I need to get out. This is a closed silo now and was used for the SAM missile. I was told it closed in the mid 80’s sometime. There are several of these around the city but only a few of them are open so a Yankee’s like me can walk into them. I took a lot of pictures today and thought you might like to see them. For the most part it was a cold winter day but I saw some nice country. Who would have thought 30 years ago I could have even seen such a place.

The deal is that Ricardo is this big gio cache guy and he comes up with these strange outings. Our goal was to see the missile silo then hike into a nature area which had this nice overlook and then into a small village south of Prague.

Here is some information on the locations of these places. At least I think these are correct but check it out and if you find something different please send me a note. For some reason I didn’t write much down for this day. Maybe it was too cold. The missile silo is somewhere in the village area of Točná which is south of the city and east of the river. The nature area is called Šance and is in the Komořany area due south of the city. The nice little village is called Zbraslav.