Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Burning of the Industrial Palace 19/10/08 Day 93, 94

Day 93, 94 (slide show)

I feel like a tourist today so I set a course for a new section of the city. This is a place on the north side where there was a large fire a couple of nights ago. The funny thing is it was raining very hard that night and the fire was large and hot. The area is called Stromovka and the building is the Industrial Palace. Some time back in the 1940’s Stalin was here for a communist version of the Worlds Fair. There’s not much to the place now, a few vender's and small exhibits but on occasion they hold events here. The early story is that it was arson by the Russian Mob. The owner of the building is a local politician, like a Senator or something. Two weeks ago this politicians’ son who was a talk show host was murdered close by the area in a bar. Now the guy’s building catches fire. I’m told things like this happen often and it’s not a big deal. The local TV news thought it was though. I don’t speck Czech so it’s hard to get the full story but it’s interesting. I wanted to get some pictures of the place.

There is a saying around here that when you are in the city center you need not worry about the Russian and Ukrainian mob’s shooting at each other. It is said that unless you name is on the bullet you will be alright. Those folks never miss there targets.

Afterward I worked my way down to the “Lennon Wall” to see what has changed. It feels good there and you never know who you are going to meet. I discovered a new little park not to far away with this statue of Josef Dobrovsky. He has an interesting story. I’m sure tired of walking; it would be nice to get my bikes. Maybe I will get lucky next week. I hope so it is stressing me out.

On Day 94 I made a nice breakfast for my room mate and myself. Charlie felt sorry for me I guess and let me use his computer. I was ready to head out to the cybercafé again. It was nice to stay in. I’m starting to fell stuck here. I better shake it off I’ve got a long way to go. After calculating it out I have been here 29 days. My plan was to arrive about two weeks before the bike get here. I wish I would have spent more time in Greece and then worked my way up through Croatia like I planed. I kick myself every time I think about it. Not much to report today. The weather is gloomy and it’s a good day to stay in.