Monday, January 12, 2009

Prague in a Freezer 12/1/09 Day 179

Day 179 (Slide show)

Yesterday the Couchsurfing group going to the Czech Mountains fell apart. I was hoping they would go but I suspected this. I’m going to extend my reservation for a day at my lodge ‘Chata Betyna.” My plan was to move over to the lodge they were staying on Saturday night but now it’s just me. It’s probably better this way.

Today there is a lady from Bergen, Norway by way of New Orleans in town that I meet a few days ago who wants to see the city. It’s very cold but I like her so I promised I would show her my favorite places. He name is Benedicte Kjobstad (Bene). She is a student in Bergen getting her Masters Degree and wanted to come and see Prague. I wish we could have spent more time together because we seemed to get along well. But she is only here until tomorrow.

We had a great day in the frozen city and stopped several times for hot tea and hot chocolate. She even got me into two churches to look around. The first was the St. James Church./St. Jacob I'm not sure which. The second was the St Vitus Cathedral which is inside the Prague Castle. That is first for me as I have a thing about this. The time at the John and George Restaurant was particularly nice. We were so cold and it felt good to warm up at that restaurant. She invited me to a dinner at the CS host’s house but I felt I should head back to my place. I appreciated her company and I hope to meet her again someday but I fear it won’t happen.