Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pipelinepirate is out of the Cage 17/07/08 Day 1

Day 1 (slide show)
Finally the day is here. Left LAX 1:40 am 7/17/008
I under estimated the brutality of the 15 hr flight. I forgot to pack the Ibuprofen for my bruised leg. It was hard to sit for more then two hours so sleep was hard to get. My hip seemed to do fine but my right knee down to my ankle got all swollen. It also crept into my left leg. I knew then that it was because of the sitting on those hard seats. I'm in Hong Kong and my bags made it fine. I didn't get a hotel reservation so I'm going to wing it. The place looks very sanitized and I don't see any others sleeping on seats. my flight doesn't leave until tomorrow morning. I just ordered a cup of coffee and it was $18.00 HKD @ .799. I think that is about
$2.50 USD. The place was a Crispy Kreame and the gal didn't understand that I just wanted the coffee, she motion to go sit down. I was about 80 ft.away. I paid and walked away without the coffee. As I sat down mumbling to myself I looked up and here she comes, coffee in hand. She wanted to deliver it. I offered a handful of coins. "No" she said. I smiled and sat down still mumbling. It seems like most folks are that way around here even the guards and there are a lot of them. In fact there are a lot of workers.
I need to go back and mention that I meet two nice guys at the gate back at LAX. This was real crazy, because I was sitting there missing with my phone and a fellow with a long beard says "I guess you work at REI" I looked up and told him I did but I just quit. He laughed and sat down. "I did too" he said. To make this short it turns out he worked at the Greensboro, NC store and was off on an adventure to Southeast Asia and then on to India. I told him of my adventure and we both got a big laugh over it. Then I told him of my idea to do some Couchsurfing and it turns out he is a traveling Ambassador. He gave me some great tips that will help me. I couldn't believe my luck. His name is Travis Welch and I will remember him. Good luck Travis and be safe.
The next guy was getting on my plane and he was from Kathmandu but living and working in Utah. We talked about Utah since I'm from there and about Kathmandu. We will meet when I get there in early Aug. His name is Shovan Joshi. I'm going to hang in the airport I guess.