Tuesday, October 28, 2008

“I’m not a parade kind of guy” 28/10/08 Day 103

Day 103 (slide show)

I have to say right up front that I almost didn’t post this day because of these pictures. I should have done a better job. This was an important day for the Czech people. I have no excuse.

I woke to a cold rainy and windy day and I was in no mood to venture out but I promised Dani that I would meet her and her friends to watch a parade. I should know better because I never go to parades but I heard something about this the other day from someone else. It was suppose to be a big deal. I have this commitment that I make to myself that if I say I’m going to be at a place at a certain time then I make every effort to be there. I have no patience for people who fade. So, feeling like a sick Yak I headed out and proceeded to get lost. The rain was coming down and I’m thinking that this might be a good time to call in sick except I didn’t have a phone. I guess I won’t do that.

I made the meeting place with one minute to spare and found her there by herself because her friends faded. As soon as I saw her I said “Let’s go and get a cup of coffee.” That was not a good thing to say, she wanted to watch the parade. I looked at the troops standing at attention and thought I’ve been there, I will show some respect and stick around. I found out those troops had been there since 9:00 and now it was 11:30. They were cold and wet. The parade started on time and it was interesting for a while then it just kept going a going. They had every unit in the country there, even the Navy and this is a landlocked country. I’m joking here but there were boats from the Search and Rescue in the parade. But it was way to long. We enjoyed the Helicopters and the Tanks, the Missiles, and the troops. We saw the Fire Dept. and the Traffic Cops with their Secretaries and I know they were cold with those dresses on. There were the Snow Safety dudes with their Snow Cats. The missiles of all types made it look a little like a May Day event, and as it turned out this parade was on the road from the airport. This is the route the Soviets used to bring there tanks down in 1968 when they invaded. I’m thinking with the whole military here who is watching the store, so to speak.

This parade is to celebrate Independent Czechoslovak State Day which marks the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918. So there are these signs everywhere saying 1918, 1938, 1968, and 2008. Damn, lots of invasions’, is there one today?

So to cut this short I enjoyed the troops and the show but I was glad to get to a warm café for a hot Irish coffee.