Friday, May 30, 2008

Life without a computer

51 Days to Go
Yesterday I went to a location close to my place so I could see what it would be like to use a public computer. I'm not ready for this yet. Once your on the clock you have to be ready. I'll bet it looked funny when I walked in with my apple and trail mix bag. I was thinking I could sit down and play around a little. No way. I plugged my card and the screen shows the clock ticking away. Immediately you think hurry up. There's no time to search for things. Just get to it. I have to do some setup work. So after 30 min. at 30cents a min. I left. I went riding for the day. Never got a chance to get into my bag of food until later. I think I rode about 45 miles. I like to ride when I get stressed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Played my last game of Golf

54 Days to go
Well after almost 40 years of playing the game I need to sell the sticks. From Canada to Mexico, California to Florida, I played almost every great course there is. Some people might say that I will play again someday but it won't be for a long time and won't be around here. The game has lost its luster. As I was playing yesterday I enjoy the first few holes then I thought this isn't that much fun anymore. I would rather be enjoying myself near a mountain stream or meeting some new interesting folks somewhere. Its funny how things change.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


76 Days to Go Slideshow
I decided to give Renee a work out today. I left at around 9am and rode for the whole day. From Huntington Beach to Newport Beach then back and on up to Long Beach. Great Day. This bike rides so smooth and easy. I made many stops and meet several new folks along the way. Its nice to pack a small lunch with a beautiful bottle of wine. I need more practice with more weight though. It takes time to learn how to keep her stable. I don't want to get thrown off. A few more days like this and I will have her broke.