Monday, June 9, 2008

New Air Itinerary

38 Days to Go
I spent the day working on my visa's and selling my furniture and art work. I did pretty good. I sure hope they don't lose my passport. I received the new air itinerary witch cost $230.00 more. It's alright because I figured a 20% higher price then I paid so I'm still inside the budget. This is a good post to look at.

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39 Days to Go
Its interesting how time works. I know that you can't loose time but where does it go. It seems I can't get enough done. I've been selling many of my personal items. With a little luck and some good Karma I've found a good home for most of it. I will be selling my car next week and that will be difficult. I don't want to sell to cheep but I might have to. My visa applications are in and I've got my new itinerary on the China segment so things are coming along. 30 day notice to the landlord and I will be gone. It will be nice to get out of this dump.