Friday, October 3, 2008

Fortune is starting to flow my way 3/10/08 Day 78-79

Day 78-79 (slide show)

Another day, I hope things go better but I don’t count on it. On a good note I was able to get an appointment to see an apartment. I have to be there by 7PM but I’m not so sure I can find the place. It’s hard to find any pay phones that work around here so I better not get lost. I won’t have any way to call the place. The guy showing me the place seems to be good about sending me email though. His directions are a little confusing but I will find it. I have to because I don’t have a place to sleep tomorrow. I won’t be able to extend any more at the pension I’m at so I’m walking on the razor’s edge. It’s another cold day here but I feel pretty good, I’m going to make this work. The pictures that he sent in the email look alright and the location is fine I will just hope for the best. Around 2PM I headed out to scorer the area for a room. It’s not good to walk around going from lobby to lobby but I’m desperate. I have one thing going for me and that is I don’t need the room tonight. That is when they gouge you on the price.

Things are looking up, after a couple of hours I found a place that’s pretty nice and not much more money. It’s a hotel but not real fancy and not too far from where I’m at. I can get all my gear there without too much problem. Already something good is happening.

Back at the cybercafé their printer didn’t work so I couldn’t print a map. I headed out anyway and figured I would find the place. Every time I do this I get lost and this time was no exception. But I left with plenty of time and of course I needed all of it. After arriving with only 5 min to spare I got a chance to see the place. It turned out pretty good, I can make it work. It’s a new place with a big room and a decent location. It’s a little far from the city (20 min by tram) but that’s fine. I need a place now so I’m not too particular. The rent is a little more then the old places in closer to the city but this one should have better plumbing and less problems. Peter the owner lives in London and rents the place out. I have a room mate with a shared bathroom. He seems to be a nice guy but I only just meet him.

I took the place with a 6 month lease which should be fine according to my plan. I give Peter 3000 CZK deposit right then and I think he was a little surprised but I wasn’t going to loose the place by waiting. Can’t move in until Monday but that works well for the new hotel I just got. It turned out to be a good day after all.

On the 4th I packed all my gear up and headed out for the new room. It felt good to leave that pension. I was there too long. It’s a nice day today; the sun is out and feels good. I wish I were camping somewhere but not here without my tent and other gear that is coming with the bikes. An update on the crate with bikes and camping gear is that sometime around the 26th or so. Everything is delayed by a few weeks. At least I have a place now. Things are defiantly looking up.

I haven’t felt like taking any pictures lately so today I put on my IPod and went out into the city. I tried to find a good ATM and do a few other errands while I saw the sights. I wasn’t doing a very good job being a tourist though and I headed back to the hotel. A good dinner and some sleep and tomorrow I will be a tourist.