Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skiing in the Swiss Alps 7/3/09 Day 233

Day 233 (Slide show) (Video)

We woke to about 10cm of new snow this morning. I made my way to the ski shop early and was the first one there. Andrew still wasn’t feeling very good but nothing was stopping him from getting up to the slopes.

At the ski shop I scored some Atomic powder skies and some pretty decent Lowa boots. The prices were a bit high though compared to Austria. For a week it was 252.00 CHF. When you do the conversion it’s about 20% higher. What can I do at this point except get to the mountain? That’s where I was really gouged. The ski pass for 6 days was 368.00 CHF. Ouch. It sure is a good thing we are not paying for the lodging. Andrew did a good job there.

This place is huge but the upper part was closed early due to wind which was ok I found a nice section to ski at and just stayed there for the day. Andrew took off to find some good board areas. In Austria I started to fell like I was getting some type of old form back so I just spent the day working on turning and working the crud on the edges of the piste’s.

I ran into Andrew after lunch and he was a bit irritable. I think his tooth was bothering him. We split up and meet at the end of the day. I was fine with that. It was a lot of fun but the top area never opened due to the wind. I can see why too it is strong on the ridges. Also there are some strange things going on with the clouds up here. Check out the pictures.

Were supposed to get some more new snow tonight, I hope so.