Sunday, December 21, 2008

“The Joker” 21/12/08 Day 157

Day 157 (Slide show)

It’s that time of year, the holiday parties are popping up. It seems like there will be a few to choose from. I’m not a big party fan, I much prefer smaller gatherings but I will see what happens. One thing about Prague right now is that is very cold. I said before that I don’t want to get stuck out after midnight. The transportation is very limited after 12:00 and I’m not going to get caught walking to my flat because I went for that last beer. Saying that, I did go to Cameron’s flat the other night and it was quite nice. There was a lot of conflicting events that night but I stuck to my policy and was glad I did.

I received an email from a new CS friend named Jared from Santa Barbara, CA. I meet him a couple of weeks ago. He said he was stranded in Poland and needed a place to crash for a couple of days while on his way to Paris. I haven’t had any surfers due to my situation here in the flat but I didn’t want to leave him out there so he is coming today. During the holidays it is tough for surfer’s to find a host because the host’s have other plans. I was happy to help but he will have to sleep on the floor. I have some camping gear he can use though. Jared is the first surfer I’ve had here and I hope it works out alright for him.

Not too much going on right now. As you will see in the pic’s there was a nice gift exchange party that I took Jared to. It was a lot of fun. This nice CS gal named Kate put it together with Vitek. Everybody had a great time. The rules were a bit vague though. It seemed that you were to pick a number out of a hat. That determined the order to pick a gift from the table. In the hat was a joker, I guess you know who got that. So I was able to see everyone pick a gift then I could ruin it for someone by talking it away and make them draw another one. All I can say is that the JOKER got his gift but in the end Kate didn’t like the way I did it. I said the rules were rather vague and I took Rui’s gift but gave it back to him a few days later. The gift was some movie disks and of course after I watched them I felt that Rui should have the chance. He still has them.