Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Day of Hot Wine and Beer 17/1/09 Day 184

I decided yesterday that today I would give the ski resort a try. The cost for a day pass was 600CZK which is about 31.00USD. I figured it would be worth it to work on my ski technique a little. It’s been a long time since I was on skis. My trip to Italy didn’t give me enough time to find any form. Who knows after what I saw what is in store for me tomorrow I will need it. The route to Poland looks like a challenge.

The mountain isn’t much with its T-bars and gentile rolling piste’s but there is one black run and I can stay there for the day I figured. This equipment I have is decent but I forgot to ask the shop to tune up the skis before I took them out, the edges are non existant. It’s like ice skating almost everywhere around here and sharp edges are a must.

Around the different parts of the mountain, three parts I would say, there are several lodges. Some have restaurants or bars and some have snack stops where you eat outside like a fast order joint. I had a hard time finding one that was comfortable so I stopped at several. It was a bit boring on the slopes so my day was spent riding to the top on the chair or T-bar then skiing to a different bar for a hot wine and doing it all over again. I made many runs down these pistes because they are very short. By the end of the day I was feeling pretty good.

The skiing was pretty good, I made the most of it.

My friend Andrew and I had set a call time at my lodge for 8:00pm to discuss the plans for tomorrow. The whole thing could have been canceled if the weather turns bad but as it happened the storm that is coming is late so we figure on gusty winds and some snow later in the day. He is going to meet me on the ridge where he will climb up from the Polish and I will climb up the Czech side. This is the plan. If I don’t see him then I’m to proceed to the Polish town of Karpacz where we will meet at a restaurant. I hope to see him on the Polish mountain but you never know about these things. One other thing is I don’t carry a cell phone so we are doing this the old fashion way.

Due to the wind forecast I know that my chair to the summit will be closed and another problem is that bad area I went through on Friday where there is a sever avalanche danger. I went through it with three other guys but tomorrow I will be by myself. It’s a little spooky.