Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Namche Bazaar 12/08/08 Day 26

Day 26 (slide show)
I was told a couple of days ago we would get to rest and see the village of Namche Bazaar today but I guess not. Yesterday afternoon I overheard some folks talk of some kind of acclamation hike. That's probably a good idea for everyone except I need to make sure the blister on my heal doesn't get any worse. This has always been my problem when I go hiking. I've gone through many different boots but with no luck. We went hiking for about 5 hours to a pretty nice Japanese Tea House that they called the Everest Tea House I think. It was closed for the season except they did have coffee and snacks available. I had a good hike and my blister problem didn't seem to get any worse. I will have to find some way to stop this our it will stop me. The rain started at 1 to 2pm like clockwork. This is a good time for a short nap. It seems I´m spending a lot of time by myself. The Brits want to hang together, that's alright I guess. I wonder if the same guy went to all the tea houses to prepare the menu´s. They seem to be the written by the food supplier at the bottom. I would say that about 80% of the shops and tea houses are closed for the season. It would be nice to see the place a little more active but on the other hand the trail would be a lot more crowded. I think I like it the way it is or maybe just off the season so the peaks would be visible. My goal is to make base camp and that's what I paid for so seeing the peaks would be nice but I saw a lot of peaks in Pakistan. Our guide continues to be evasive and the asst. guides don´t seem to understand. I've asked several questions about the daily schedule or points of interest but don´t get a good response. I told them I have a hearing problem and they need to look at me when we talk but I don´t think they understand. There is one asst. guide who seems like he wants to help me figure out what´s up. Maybe he is trying to figure me out. I don´t have his name yet but I will get it.