Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Arriving in Innsbruck, Austria 16/09/08 Day 61

Day 61  (slide show)

Well last night as I was getting ready to go to sleep I had decided on Innsbruck, Austria. Thinking about it this morning again I’m not sure why other then it is north. I don’t have a ticket so I packed my few items and headed for the train station. It’s 8am and let’s sees what happens. Maybe things will change for the better. As I got to the station I was able to find a nice Italian ticket agent to help me with a ticket. She was very patient with me.

It seems like every time I get to a station it’s in the early morning. I always need to find some coffee and something to eat but there isn’t anyone to watch my pack. This is when it would be nice to have a travel companion. The morning business travelers are flooding into the station and the line for a coffee and cake is quite long. As I looked around I noticed a lady with a pack on that looked like she was having the same problem so I asked here if she would watch my pack I would buy the coffee. Her name was Sandra Stroetges from somewhere in Germany I think; she didn’t want any coffee but would go for a cake of some kind. She was an experienced traveler though and didn’t bother to worry about the crowd; we just walked in and got in line, packs and all. Just as we were starting to cause a commotion another side to the place opened up and we got right to the counter. It was quite funny. She was traveling south down into Italy for a few weeks and was a very nice person. We were two travelers going in separate directions. I was hoping she would stay in touch but I never heard from her again.

The train went well; I had the cabin to myself for some of the time. It was a “Fast Train” they called it. I saw some beautiful country in northern Italy and then went through this long tunnel into Austria. There are a lot of farms and beautiful green countryside. Sorry but it’s hard to get pictures from the train but I keep thinking that I might be riding my bike through this area next spring.

Bologna was cold last night and I could fell myself catching a cold but I fill alright today. It is getting colder on this train though. I arrived in Innsbruck and the travel desk at the station was very helpful in finding me a Pension. I went for a little higher priced place because I needed some rest and I don’t want to fight for a bed. I don’t have any heavy cold weather clothing and I need to keep warm. I decided to stay here for three days and then move on to Prague. I couldn’t find a good place to eat tonight so I skipped dinner, I will eat a good breakfast tomorrow and its free here at this place.  I hope it’s good and there’s a lot. I keep thinking about Croatia, damn I made a mistake on that.