Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Blues infusion at "U Malěho Glena, Prague" 19/11/08 Day 125

Day 125 (slide show)

A crazy day today because I tried to ride but it started to rain and mist as soon as I got out the door. I was disappointed because it had gotten warmer during the night. Most of the time this would bother me but I wasn’t feeling too good and I don’t want to risk catching a cold. I’m meeting a few friends at a café later this afternoon and I hear there is a David černý piece of art there I’ve heard about. If you remember he is the artist that put the babies on the TV Tower in žižkov here in Prague.

Well I made the café and what a crazy piece of work. Its in a dark area so that makes it hard to get a good shot of the thing. The story is that it’s a mockery of the Kings Knights but I’m not sure about that. Something tells me there is more to it. It’s fun to go around the city and try to find all of his work. The good thing is I have only seen three pieces and I have many more to go.

Several days ago I had decided to find this Blues Club I had heard about. So after getting a schedule of the gigs I decided that today was the best night to go. Wednesdays are “Blues Night” and I need a Blues infusion.

I was very surprised at how great the place was. It is a cavern under a restaurant. The seating is for 25 to 30 people max and the sound is unforgettable. The cover is only 200 czk and the band was the “Rene Trossman Band.” He was very good and claims …bathed in a pure juice of Chicago Blues.” I think I have to agree, he played some old favorites and several pieces of his own. It was a real fun night and I got to talk to Rene about the States, since he is from Chicago, and told him I was a lifetime member of the Santa Barbra Blues Society. He actually knew of the group and had sent a few CD’s to a local DJ at a radio station in Santa Barbara just recently. So I’m giving the place and Rene a little plug. Another great thing happened on this night. I made some new friends from Dresden, Thomas and Grit Neumeister who for some reason took a liking to me and invited me to a Blues Festival in Dresden in May. It sounds like a good time and maybe I can do some riding there as well. So if you’re ever in Prague and want to see some good Blues or Jazz then U Malěho Glena is the place I recommend.