Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kashgar, Gateway to the Silk Road 23/07/08 Day 6

Day 6 (slide show) (video)
It was a long night last night. We have a dump of a hotel too. I'm sure glad I have a Steripen to clean the water. None of the hotels have drinking water. Every time I see a bottle of water anywhere I grab it. I'm always running out. Breakfast was just as bad and I didn't expect anything better. The shower head broke while I was adjusting the head and water went everywhere. It's hard to use a computer over here. Everything is so slow. We went to a Mosque this afternoon and that was interesting. The leader from Iran in the 80's, The Ayatollah Khomeini, gave them a rug that they seem to be proud of. Looks funky to me now but I'm sure it was nice when he gave it to them. You can see it in the slide show. Then we went to a rug dealer and that was just like walking onto a Toyota dealership. The sales people were sharks. I learned a lot about rugs though. The silk rug that I have the sales lady holding is 15000 knots per inch. Price is 70,00.00 USD. Of course we stayed two night in this dump. Tomorrow we set out for an all day bus ride over the Karakorum Pass.

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