Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I’m Searching for Powder 10/3/09 Day 236

Day 236 (Slide show)

It’s a beautiful morning. I walked right out the door to some new snow and skied right to the gondola. It’s another white snowy day on the mountain. I skied by myself all day which works out fine. It lets me enjoy the day at my pace. I was hoping for several good powder runs but the snow cats have groomed the mountain everywhere. Their grooming technique is different then I’m used to. Where I’m from the resort will groom the center of the piste and leave the edges for the powder hounds but here their grooming all the way to the edges. It’s very hard to find any powder and if you do find any it is tracked fast. This place is so big I’m very impressed with this cat crew. They must be drinking a lot of coffee to groom this place in one night. The Tram didn’t open until late which was a bummer. There would have been some good powder up there early all bet.

This was a good day but I’m getting tired. After the powder was gone I sat at this nice bar on the mountain for most of the afternoon. A couple of beautiful French ladies sat with me for a while. We talked and had a drink together which was a lot of fun. But it was short lived; I must have been drooling and mumbling too much I guess I can’t remember. I told a friend about this later and she said “You’re not exotic enough.” What does that mean? It kind of hurt, like a knife in the back. O’ well.

It was a relaxing day today anyway.