Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Touring around Kathmandu 6/08/08 Day 20

Day 20 (slide show)
Remember Shovan. I mentioned him the first day when I was in LAX. Well as it turned out he has been here for three weeks with his family. He and I meet on the flight over. Well, he is going to take me out to see some Temples and see some of the city. I left my friend Arjun's place early for the Hotel and chilled for a while. I need to rest and get settled into this place. Shovan came in the afternoon and we went to the famous Monkey Temple and the old Kings Palace. There were quite interesting and the Kings Palace was full of 1910 and 20's personal items. Also a hierarchy list of the Kings back to 1760. Boy they sure know how to loot their country. It's about 7pm now and I noticed they have computers at the hotel. I,m going to give them a try. I hope they are faster then in China. Tomorrow I'm to go on a training trek in the mountains. I need to get a workout before going to Base Camp.
I just heard that 6 Chinese guards were killed in Kashgar by a bomb. I don't know the details but I'm sure the security is even tighter now. Glad I'm not there.