Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pec Pod Sněžkou 15/1/09 Day 182

Day 182 (Slide show)

A new adventure starts today. I need it too. This is the way the plan ended up. I am leaving on Thursday, today because it takes all day to get here and then Friday and Saturday I will ski tour around the area leaving Sunday to climb over the summit. The details have changed a few times in the development but for the most part I was always going to climb over the Czech mountains and into Poland. The past couple of days several people told me to forget it for different reasons. The main one was the Forrest Service Police might not like it. We will see.

I picked up my mountaineering skis from the rental shop yesterday and left this morning for the metro station at 5:30AM. I needed to catch the 6:45 bus to Pec Pod Sněžkou which is a ski resort on the Czech side of the Krkonose Mountains. These mountains have a lot of old history and the border of Poland and Czech Rep divides the highest peak in the Czech Rep named Mount Sněžka. (1602M) Not very high at all but it is all I have and it is the highest peak in the Czech Rep as many Czech friends have pointed out to me. They are quite proud of this and it is an interesting place.

Everything went smooth for once and I did get on the right bus. I’ve learned a lot since Greece I guess. Ad I got to the station area I search out the ticket window and bought a ticket early. I was told just to get on the bus and pay the driver but because I had a ticket I was the only one to get on first. Everyone else stood in line to pay. The lodge is all right but not as advertised on the web. The pictures showed a hot tub area and a lot larger dinning room but that’s all right. I would say this is a cozy place. The only person that spoke any English, guest or staff was the lady of the house, Christina. A very nice host and she kept track of me so I would get anything I needed. Breakfast and dinner comes with the room but you need to order from the choices provided well in advance.

I think I packed too much again though. I have a front pack and a back pack. I know I can ski with all this but it will be tricky. I just hope there aren’t any cornices I have to jump off.