Friday, March 13, 2009

“Flims/Laax, Switzerland” A Great Week of Skiing 13/3/09 Day 239

Day 239 (Slide show) (Video)

The way the ski passes work here in Laax/Flims is like most resorts. I bought a six day pass but I have seven days to use it. This is very convenient when your plans are changing all the time. Yesterday Andrew wanted to use that day as our down day. This was so we could buy a day pass to ski on Saturday. I wasn’t that excited with this plan for a few reasons. One was that I was hoping to return my ski equipment a day early and maybe get a refund. This was probably a pipe dream but I was hopeful. Also we had no accommodations for tonight so we have to figure that out. Another reason that I almost forgot about was who wants to ski on Saturday. These were some good reasons I thought but he wasn’t listening so we took yesterday off. This is Friday and I was going to ski today. His plan was for me to buy another pass for tomorrow. I wasn’t going to do this. I figured I would wait around at a restaurant and work on this blog while he snowboarded.

I caught the first tram and the day was very nice until around noon when it got very warm. It was like skiing on a glacier in the summer. The weather was good though so it was fun. I stayed at the higher elevations for the most part and found a new restaurant with a great salad and wine for lunch. This place was called Stella. I have a few pictures of the place with a mounted Cow on the wall. This is very strange to me. Where I’m from the animals that are unfortunate enough to be stuffed are Bears, Elk, Buffalo and the like. I guess around here there aren’t any mighty wild animals left. Or more likely it is to support the cheese industry.

I’m ready to get back to Prague though, I am sure that the good weather is near and I will be bike touring soon. I find myself always thinking about where I’m going to go and what the Czech trails are like. I’m skiing now so I will try my best to enjoy my last day skiing. I’m sure I won’t get another chance anytime soon.

Around 4:30 I skied my way down to the bottom of the Flims Village. It was like water skiing.

As I was turning in my equipment Andrew showed up. I was surprised because I was to meet him at another location. It turns out that his bad tooth was really hurting him and he wanted to get back to Prague as soon as possible. I was quite happy about this but I did fill badly for him. He ended up loosing a day on the mountain and he was in a lot of pain. I like Andrew and I really appreciate all the friendship he offered me during the bad time I had during this winter in Prague. With his help I was able to ski three times and that really helped me from going crazy. Thanks Andrew.