Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adventures at the “Aero Cinema” 30/11/08 Day 136

Day 136 (slide show)

A couple of days ago I made a big mistake by agreeing to meet a guy and his two friends from Great Britain. It’s been very cold here and I found out he wanted to see the city so I asked him, this is in an email, “where would you like to meet, I can go anywhere” said the fool. (Me) I was trying to be nice again and it cost me big. He said he would meet in front of this statue in the city at 6pm. Why can’t I remember that when it is cold never meet anyone outside, always meet in a café or bar. I was there on time as always but this guy and his friends never showed. After 1 hour I split but I was frozen. I should have figured. I never heard from him either. He vanished like a “fart in the wind”

Mental Note: In the winter, never go to a meeting point if it’s outside.

Well last night I found out there was a film festival going on at a very nice art theater that I actually tried to find a few months ago with no success. The festival has an Ingmar Bergman tribute and has been going on already for a few weeks and I almost missed it. I did miss the great films that Max Von Sydow stared in. But there was a good film I haven’t seen tonight so I left early to try to find the place. The name of it was The Ritual. So I was looking forward to a great night at a new theater and a film I hadn’t seen.

After a small struggle I found the place and realized why I hadn’t been able to see it before. It is on a small street of high rise apartment buildings. You have to walk through the front door of one of these buildings and go down some stairs to the center area of the complex. I don’t know how else to describe it. These buildings are about 14 stories high and are squared to make a city block. In the middle is a common area and in some there is a park but in this one there is a theater. It’s crazy. The front doors are from the 50’s as you would find in an old theater in the States back then. It’s hard to describe this place but I think you should hear about it. So here is my best shot. As you walk in it’s rather dark as you enter a lobby area and on the left is the bar area where you can get beer or wine. On the right I’m thinking I would find the concession area. Not at this place there is a nice setting area where folks are either waiting for or coming out of the theater. I was trying to find the popcorn and fortunately I didn’t ask or I would probably been asked to leave. There is no food here. The wine is served in a nice glass which folks take into the theater and then bring back out after. It’s very civilized. I felt like a criminal because I brought a pack of M & M’s and had to sneak them quietly into my mouth not because of the theater rules but because of my fellow film buff’s. It was very funny. At one point the guy in front of me heard me do something and turned around like I spit ice on him. I didn’t hear anything.

Sorry I digress, but the theater is quite nice. There are reasonably good seats and the sound was a very good Dolby Digital System. I meet a few new folks afterward in the waiting area over a glass of wine. They had been to every one of the Bergman films. It was a great evening and would have been just a bit better to have a date but I couldn’t find anyone on this night. I forgot one more thing, the film of course is in Swedish and the subtitles are in Czech. A great film though and a real shocker in the ending

Alright now it is Sunday morning and I found out I lost my public transfer sometime last night. I can’t believe it, I can’t loose this. Remember how much trouble I had to get it. Just think of the torture I will have to go through to get another one. I’m sure I will loose an appendage over this. These Czech lady bureaucrats at that office are merciless. They could teach that asshole Don Rumsfeld new techniques. I have to find it. As I was dreaming last night I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of that idiot in the theater turning around and glared at me. Then it struck me, He might have heard the small calculator case where I keep the card fall on the floor. I thought he heard me tear the package of

M & M’s open. Damn, I know that’s it.

It’s now 2pm and I’m heading for the theater. As I enter there isn’t anyone of importance around so I went straight for the theater area. There was some kind of class going on but I just acted like I was supposed to be there. As I made my way to where I sat I couldn’t see anything, it’s to dark. I put my glasses on and tried to see under the seats but nothing then I remembered my pack has one of my Pac safe carabineers on it. These carabineers have a combo lock and a LIGHT. Damn I knew I bought these for a reason. Within 30 seconds I had the calculator case and my pass inside.

I left quickly before someone tried to ask me any questions, I don’t know how I would have answered them. They would have been yelling at me in Czech as I ran away. I took a few pic’s on my way out for you. I love the place.