Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going ahead to Xi'an 19/07/08 Day 2

Day 2, Xi'an, China (slide show)
Decided to go ahead because there was a small Typhoon approaching and I don't want to get stuck in Hong Kong. It turned out that the storm missed Hong Kong but at the time it was a good idea. If I get a hotel in Xi'an it should be a little cheaper. At least I will be in the right place and about 18 hr. ahead of the others. Total cost in the end was about the same when you consider the taxi and tip. The bed was a lot better then the floor of the Hong Kong airport. They probably would have arrested me anyway. The next morning I was able to explore the area and get some walking in after the long flight. It's a beautiful area in the morning before the people start to come out. The roads are crazy though. there doesn't seem to be any order, pedestrians just walk out in front of cars and buses. The cars fight the buses and there wasn't a single accident that I saw. Well I'm just going to wait until everyone arrives. They will be very tired.