Thursday, September 18, 2008

Innsbruck, Austria 18/9/08 Day 63

Day 63  (slide show)

Last night sometime I decided to set a course for Vienna, Austria. It seems to have the best train route to Prague and hopefully I can find some good lodging there. Last night I ran into a nice guy while I was at dinner who gave me some insight on the area and the trains. He is a ski instructor here in Innsbruck. He told me that there were some great museums in Vienna and the train would take me on to Prague from there. He also invited me to come and ski with him this coming season if I want. I thought that might be fun and maybe I will contact him sometime.

If I go to Vienna for a couple of days then on to Prague that will put me there right after my “Wheely Beast” bag arrives and then I can have some warm clothes. It’s getting cold especially at night and I’m going farther north.

Today I walked around the city for a while to check things out. This is a nice place but my hart was not into taking a lot of pictures. I think I’m coming down with a cold. During the day it is warm enough to not have a jacket on but at night it cools right down. I only have a hooded jacket with me and no warm pants.

Enough for now, I will be heading for the train station tomorrow morning.