Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking a licking and still ticking

3 Days to go
I just read the post from yesterday and things sure changed. Within an hour my hip started to swell and I had a real hard time walking. I stayed on the job for about 3 hours but it was to much to take. I was very nauseated. It was sickening, and I wasn't much good helping customers so the manager asked if I wanted to go home. I called a cab. What can I say, I gave it all I had but I was ground down. Only had two days to go to keep my record int acted. But, it gave me time to recover and today I fell better. Just a special note, my friend Carolyn was kind enough to help me out yesterday and I want to thank her. This is a picture of her and the family, great folks. She works at the store with me. After work she brought me a sandwich. I needed it. Today I'm doing a little packing and trying to take it easy. The only thing on my mind now is to not let anything stop me from making the flight on Thursday. Nothing.