Thursday, July 31, 2008

Urumqi /Altai where the "Total Solar Eclipse" will happen 31/07/08 Day 14

Day 14 (Slide show)
I arrived at the hotel where I had left my trekking bag over a week ago. It was unmolested and in good shape. My idea for a bag lock system is working well. I use zip ties instead of locks. The locks can be opened by just about anyone and the zip ties can be cut, but I know if the ties have been cut where as the locks can be locked back up and you won't know. There is one problem though. I didn't bring enough and I can't find any here in China. Need to keep looking. This Urumqi airport has assaulted me every time I've gone through the security. Its a good thing I have packed all my things in separate stuff sacks. This other guy in front of me got his bag searched and they really threw things around. He had clothes all over the place. Well I'm off to Altai where we plan to watch the solar eclipse. It will be very exciting. I calculated that by the time I finish this part of my adventure I will have 8 in country flights and countless bus rides here in China. That's a lot of bag searches. I arrived in my room at Altai at 5pm and stayed put. I need the rest. I will see the city tomorrow.