Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting stronger but need more time 9/09/08 Day 54

I feel better but still having trouble walking, especially on the stairs. My thighs are still burning and my feet will sometimes slap when I’m stepping. It makes my smile because it reminds me of the mountain. I walked a short distance to the laundry and decided I would try to see the ruins of Dion today. If I keep walking I think I will heal quicker. The nice guy at the hotel desk tells me Dion isn’t far but I need to find the right bus to get on. I’m supposed to walk into the city square area and find a bus schedule but I couldn’t spot the place so I ended up at the “The Web.” I was very tired by 2pm and this cybercafé is a nice place to sit. I need to catch up on this blog anyway. I think I will go to Dion tomorrow. I need more rest.