Sunday, December 14, 2008

“No Cucumber’s for you, move along” 14/12/08 Days 149,150

Day 149-150 (Slide show)

Our goal last night was to be packed and leaving the condo by 10AM so it would give us a nice daytime drive back. I was looking forward to seeing the countryside and maybe get a few pictures. This didn’t happen though. We were slow and tired so it was 11:30 before we got packed and ready to leave. Cleaning the condo took a little longer then expected too.

In the winter there are only two ways to get into this valley. From the South you enter from Italy and from the North through Switzerland and the “La Mute” tunnel.

Sometimes even in the winter there is the ‘Bernina Pass” which comes in from the East but is often closed during winter storms like the ones we have had all week. This pass is 2000 plus meters and has a lot of switchbacks. On the map it looks like a nice scenic road. So this leaves the tunnel as our only option. Because it is only a one way tunnel it closes so the other side can come in and we neglected to check the timing of this. The openings for our side are 10AM and 4PM. So we missed our opening and had to chill out for the afternoon. We decided to hang at a café where I could use the computer and catch up some writing. It wasn’t so bad but I missed my chance to see the Swiss countryside in the daytime.

Soon we were on our way and the line of traffic to get to the tunnel was very long. We were on the road by 3:30 but way back in the line. It was starting to snow again and the roads where bad. It was very slow going. After getting through the tunnel and over a pass, going very slow, we made it to Garmish about midnight. The roads became better about this point.

Somewhere along the way we headed down a canyon and the moon started to pop out. It was a full moon too. As we came around this bend in the road there was this castle looking thing on the mountain right in front of us with the moon behind it. It was amazing so we stopped to take a picture. It was very cold and hard to stay out of the car for very long. I took the shot you see on a 15 sec. time exposure and even then my hands and face were to cold for another one. I’m not sure about the name on the place. Andrew looked it up later but I don’t think I got the name right. He said it is the Chapel in Kronberg I think. Anyway if anyone out there knows anything about this place, send me a comment.

We made it back to Prague at 4AM and I crashed until noon when I became to hungry to sleep any more. I had nothing in the flat to eat so I jumped on the bike and headed for the market. It was a drizzling rain and cold but I was hungry. No since walking I thought. When I got to the market I forget to put my shields up. I wanted some cucumbers for a salad but as I have said before you need to weigh your fruits and vegetables yourself. I can’t always tell what the picture is for the item I’m trying to buy. I tagged it with what looked like a cucumber and proceeded to shop. When I reached the checkout the “Old Bag” started to yell at me and pointing for me to go to a scale and do it again. I did and came back and she continued to growl so I went back and couldn’t see any other picture that looked like a cucumber so as I returned she took them away and totaled the bill. I paid and went away without my cucumbers. Welcome back to Prague.